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Jenkins Plantation Museum

Jenkins Plantation Museum

Jenkins Plantation has survived wars, floods, wind and weather. Since 1835 a large brick house, essentially a mansion in its time and place, has stood sentinel on the banks of the Ohio River. It is the home of the Jenkins family, the most notable of whom was General Albert Gallatin Jenkins, C.S.A. His family owned more than 4,000 acres and maintained a successful plantation at Green Bottom, in what was then western Virginia.

In an area where both Union and Confederate sympathies were strongly held, Jenkins was a figure who was either despised or admired. His Border Rangers made bold raids into the enemy territory of Ohio. Educated in Pennsylvania and having served in the U.S. Congress, he faced the ultimate question of all civil wars: to choose which side he could in good conscience commit. This aspect of the site is most appealing to history enthusiasts and those enjoying dramatic story.

Not only were the Jenkins family part and parcel of the Plantation, but so were more than 50 slaves who worked and lived at Green Bottom. Imagine the feelings of those destined to be treated as property, living within yards of potential freedom. Their story is another important part of this site.

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