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Kent Historical Society

Kent Historical Society

The Swift House has recently become the focus of town wide attention. Owned by the Town of Kent, the house is in need of significant repair. The archives and office of the Kent Historical Society are located here, and we are the unofficial stewards of the 18th century building. After an in depth survey by Hudson Valley Preservation Corporation, the process of applying for listing on the Connecticut Registry of Historic Places has begun, with hopes of soon qualifying for state restoration funding. Stay tuned for this next exciting step in the life of the venerable old building.

The prized possession of the Kent Historical Society is Seven Hearths, an imposing pre-Revolutionary house located in the heart of the Flanders Historic District in Kent. Discovered by hundreds of new visitors who came to Kent last summer for the Smithsonian’s Barn Again! exhibit, Seven Hearths is now undergoing significant restoration. What began as the repair of the crumbling north chimney has now turned into an exciting recreation of the original 1751 kitchen. Plaster and paint have been taken down to the first layer, in many places temporarily leaving the original plaster and lath exposed. The 20th century fireplace has been replaced by a more accurate 18th century version. A plan is being developed for new interpretation of many of the rooms in the house. Stay tuned for our future look into the past of Seven Hearths!

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