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Lorenzo State Historic Site

Lorenzo State Historic Site

The c.1814 Rippleton Schoolhouse operated as the District No. Seven school in the town of Cazenovia until 1931 when it was closed due to the centralization of the school district. In 1996, the Rippleton Schoolhouse was accepted as a gift from local community activist and patron, Sarah Auchincloss, after she had spent 10 years seeking a suitable option for preserving this historic landmark. As a caveat of the acceptance, former New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation Commissioner Bernadette Castro pledged start-up capital and construction crew support for the relocation and restoration of the schoolhouse, but asked that most of the money for the balance of the project be privately raised. The Friends of Lorenzo stepped forward and accepted this challenge, forming a successful fundraising committee to support the project.

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