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Mission Houses Museum

Mission Houses Museum

Built between 1821 and 1841, these three missions served as homes and workplaces for the first Christian missionaries to travel to the Hawaiian Islands.

A visit to Mission Houses Museum will carry you away to the nineteenth century when Protestant Missionaries from New England established the Sandwich Islands Mission in 1820. The Museum is the original location for the Honolulu Mission Station which served as the headquarters, or main station, for the Sandwich Islands Mission between 1821 and 1863.

The Frame House ( Ka Hale La‘āu), was shipped around Cape Horn from Boston in 1820 and is the oldest wood house in Hawai'i. The Chamberlain House (Ka Hale Kamalani), built of coral blocks in 1831, was both a family home and storehouse for mission supplies. The third building, also of coral blocks, completed in 1841 today functions as the Printing Office (Ka Hale Pa‘i). A working replica of the first printing press to be brought to Hawai‘i is demonstrated there on a regular basis.

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