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Montgomery Place

Montgomery Place

Montgomery Place, a serene reflection of nearly 200 years of continuous family stewardship, is best known as a landscape influenced by the great Andrew Jackson Downing and an architectural landmark designed by Alexander Jackson Davis. But the totality of the estate - house, gardens, arboretum, woodlands, orchards, hamlet, and natural features - makes it a unique American treasure. The 434-acre property is an intact example of Hudson Valley estate life. Each of the estate's features has a story to tell about changing American attitudes toward nature, landscape, and home design over time. Visitors will see the beautiful classical revival exteriors of the mansion designed by Davis. From the mansion's terrace and north pavilion visitors can enjoy inspiring vistas of the Hudson River and Catskill Mountains and understand why the Hudson Valley was the cradle of American artistic expression in the mid-19th century. Lush perennial, annual, and herb gardens, designed in the early 20th century, give visitors a delightful view into the colors, fragrances, and designs popular during America's estate garden era. Picturesque and productive orchards border the estate, and in season visitors can purchase the delicious fruit at the Montgomery Place Orchards Farm Stand.

Visitors can tour on their own with a printed guide, or enhance your visit with our audio tour. An orientation video tells the story of the women and men who shaped the estate over the centuries. The mansion interior is currently undergoing restoration and is temporarily closed.

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