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Museum Village

Museum Village

Museum Village was the vision of Roscoe William Smith, an electrical engineer, entrepreneur, philanthropist and collector who contributed to his native Orange County in many ways during his life. Roscoe made his fortune as founder of the Orange and Rockland electric company in 1905. The wealth he generated from his successful company and investments allowed him to give back to the community by creating Museum Village of Old Smith's Clove. His American history collection varied widely, from textiles and porcelain items to horse-drawn carriages. After collecting various craft tools, mechanical devices, and other artifacts, Roscoe Smith opened the museum in July 1950.

Today, more than 50 years later, Museum Village still pursues its founder's vision of educating visitors about the work and life of their ancestors. Through educational programs, hands-on-exhibits, and special events Museum Village is dedicated to exploring and interpreting 19th century rural life as well as inspiring an appreciation for the evolution of industry and technology in America.

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