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Natchez National Historical Park

Natchez National Historical Park

Visiting the Natchez National Historical Park will give visitors a chance to observe and experience life in the 19th Century homes. The park offers tours of the houses of prominent Natchez figures, William Johnson and John McMurran. Located in downtown Natchez, the William Johnson House complex consists of the actual Johnson home and the adjoining McCallum House. William Johnson, a free black barber in Natchez, used bricks from buildings destroyed in the infamous tornado of 1840 to construct the State Street estate and commercial business area. McMurran’s home, a nineteenth century Greek revival-style mansion represents the height of Southern prosperity and the "Cotton Kingdom." Built by the John T. McMurran family beginning in 1841, Melrose was, according to McMurran daughter-in-law Alice Austen, "very elegant; one of the handsomest places I have seen North or South."

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