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Northern Mariposa County History Center

Northern Mariposa County History Center

The Northern Mariposa County History Center is a great place to begin exploring the area. The town is small but loaded with history. Sun Sun Wo, the main store of the Chinese district is close by. The stores and hotel downtown are there to be enjoyed. Antique stores, the historic jail, the cemetery and much more are within a leisurely walk of the Museum. Gold is still found in Maxwell creek, a stones throw from the Museum. The Gold Rush days and the migration to California from all over the world can be traced through out the museum.

Early life in the United States can be experienced throughout the town and museum. The famous Jeffery Hotel, burned three times, raises above the town of 150 residents. Just up the street from the museum the cemetery's wonderful grave stones depict the past migration to America. Docents in period dress teach and escort students on their field trips. Weaving, spinning, gold panning, and mining demonstrations are available to bring the past back alive.

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