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Pioneer Settlement For The Creative Arts

Pioneer Settlement For The Creative Arts

The Pioneer Settlement for the Creative Arts, Inc. was established as "an educational institution whose general nature and objective will be to render constructive, educational, and cultural services to the community through collection, preservation, conservation and exposition of objects which are the cultural heritage of this community. Particular emphasis shall be directed to vital programs that enrich the lives of the youth of this community. To achieve this purpose, a settlement has been created for the benefit of the public to house and maintain collections, exhibits, a reference library, and facilities for research and teaching." Furthermore, these programs shall encourage the common man to express and experience his artistic urges and to fulfill the needs of thousands who might not otherwise be involved in the arts, and to admire the arts of their past. The warm nature of folk artists, the friendly atmosphere of the Settlement site and staff, and the non-intimidating programs should encourage youth, the elderly, minorities and the handicapped to become involved in the Settlement's many cultural heritage activities. A dedicated program of preserving artifacts, buildings and local history is ongoing. This program consists of permanent and rotating exhibits, workshops on identifying and cataloguing artifacts, research of local history topics, and a docent program for interpreting history, and the exhibits and collections.

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