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Pitot House Museum

Pitot House Museum

The Pitot House tells the story of life along Bayou St. John since the earliest days of settlement. The Pitot House has had a variety of owners from prominent lawyers to austere nuns. One of the most prominent was James Pitot, the first American mayor of New Orleans who lived here from 1810-1819. The Louisiana Landmarks Society painstakingly restored the Pitot House, with its stucco-covered, brick-between-post construction and double-pitched hipped roof, to its original 18th century condition in the 1960s. The house has been furnished with Louisiana and American antiques from the early 1800s in keeping with the style and period of James Pitot. Today, the Louisiana Landmarks Society uses the house as its headquarters and opens it for tours. The 10,000 square foot side yard is the perfect spot for almost any occasion - from an elegant seated dinner to a casual seafood boil. Visitors can enjoy the lovely gardens and view of Bayou St. John while they sip cocktails and revel in true southern hospitality.

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