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Plumas County Museum

Plumas County Museum

The concept of an active "living museum" is evidenced by the dozens of different exhibits, events, meetings and functions held at the Plumas County Museum. Permanent exhibits include an outstanding collection of baskets woven by the area’s original Mountain Maidu Indians. The Industrial History Wing features "Railroads of Plumas County", "Gold Mining on the Feather River", and "TIMBER!", an exhibit about the lumber industry of the county. Other developing collections include natural history specimens, audio-visual resources, the Chinese influence, and the historically accurate Andrew Lynch Memorial Garden. The Exhibit Yard provides the visitor with a look at some of the equipment used by Plumas pioneers to wrest a living from the area’s natural resources. A sleigh, water wagon, hydraulic monitors, logging equipment, a working blacksmith shop and restored gold miner’s log cabin are just some of the items found here.

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