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Rickwood Field

Rickwood Field

Opened on August 18, 1910, Rickwood Field is one of the oldest baseball parks in the country. Financed by Rick Woodward, Rickwood Field was constructed as a home ballpark for the Birmingham Barons, who played in the Southern Association, a top-level minor league. 

Rickwood Field has also hosted Major League teams, as both the Philadelphia Phillies and Pittsburgh Pirates played in Birmingham during spring training. The Birmingham Black Barons, a Negro League team, also played at Rickwood Field, frequently drawing larger crowds than the Barons.

Since 1992 the Friends of Rickwood have supervised its maintenance and schedule. While the Barons, a Double-A affiliate of the Chicago White Sox, play their home games in Hoover, Alabama, they play one throwback game at Rickwood Field in period uniforms. 

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