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Selma To Montgomery National Historic Trail

Selma To Montgomery National Historic Trail

While at this historic site, there are several activities to participate in. Visitors are encouraged to drive the historic route from Selma, AL to Montgomery, AL. While in Selma, visit the Martin Luther King, Jr. Street Walking Tour which includes Brown Chapel A.M.E. Church, First Baptist Church, Carver Homes and wayside exhibits. Other sites of interest in Selma include the National Voting Rights Museum & park (privately owned), Slavery & Civil War Museum, Old Depot Museum, Smitherman Museum and Edmund Pettus Bridge. The Lowndes County Interpretive Center is the first of three planned National Park Service visitor centers along the Trail route. The Interpretive Center is located midway between Selma and Montgomery. In Montgomery visit the Rosa Parks Museum, Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church & parsonage, Alabama State Capitol and the Civil Rights Monument.

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