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Siskiyou County Museum

Siskiyou County Museum

The Native American Gallery features one of the most comprehensive portrayals of Native American life in Upper California. The gallery explores the cultural histories and artistry of local tribes including the Karuk, Shasta, Konomihu, Okwanuchu, Achomawi and Modoc. The Trappers Gallery presents a wealth of material relating to the acquisition of fur-bearing animals in the area during the early 1800's. Highlights include personal adornment items, weapons, survival skills, and a recreation of an 1830's Scott Valley spike camp used by trapper Stephen Hall Meek. The Gold Mining Gallery on the second floor houses original clothing and equipment that the early miners used as well as photos of gold mines located in Siskiyou County. The remainder of the exhibits on the second floor area are presently being developed. They will include galleries recounting the settlement period, Chinese, transportation, and other aspects of Siskiyou County history.

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