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South Pass City

South Pass City

William Bright, a saloon keeper and mine owner, represented South Pass City during Wyoming's First Territorial Legislature. During this session, Bright penned and introduced a women's suffrage bill. The bill was passed by the Legislature and signed by Governor Campbell on December 10, 1869.

In 1966, the Wyoming's 75th Anniversary Commission purchased South Pass City as a birthday present for the citizens of the state, thus ensuring that the town's storied history would not end up like so many others of its kind. Now a historic site, South Pass City has enjoyed 35 years of unprecedented notoriety as a result of the combined efforts of several state agencies. The last 35 years have seen South Pass City become one of the most accurately restored and authentically exhibited historic sites in the West. Seventeen of the site's 23 original structures have been restored and exhibited, with many of the site's 30,000 artifacts exhibited in their original buildings.

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