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Tangier Island History Museum

Tangier Island History Museum

This museum tells the history of the many people who have inhabited the island, including British troops during the War of 1812.

The Tangier Island History museum features a museum/visitors center, a walking history trail, a nature trail and water trails with free use of kayaks and canoes.

Come and learn about Tangier's special role in the history of aviation, our unique language and how we face the challenges of a rising Bay, a shrinking island and a dwindling population. Learn about how the British forces used Tangier as a base during the War of 1812, how Billy Mitchell proved airplanes could sink ships, and how a small island creates its own recreation and amusement. Get the mud of Tangier's pristine sandy beach between your toes and you'll always come back!
The museum's permanent displays include a detailed map of the island today, a five-level diorama of the changing size and shape of Tangier Island, Indian arrowheads, the John Smith discovery voyage, the War of 1812, the Civil War, Oysters, Utilities, Art & Music, Veterans, Aviation, Religion, Transportation, Post Cards, Women's Roles, Homecoming, Life Today, Businesses, Town of Tangier, VIP's, Health Care, Tangier Talk, a replica Home Interior and Marine and Nautical artifacts.

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