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Veterans Memorial Park And Wall South

Veterans Memorial Park And Wall South

Veterans Memorial Park/Wall South, a park to honor Veterans of all of America's wars. In exchange for the five-and-one-half acre site overlooking Pensacola Bay, Vietnam Veterans of Northwest Florida (VVNF) signed an agreement with the city of Pensacola making the Wall South Foundation--the fund raising arm of VVNF -- fully responsible for upkeep and maintenance of Veterans Memorial Park which includes a World War I Memorial (relocated to the park from downtown Pensacola), a World War II Memorial, a Monument dedicated the World War II Submarine Lifesaving League, a Vietnam-era HU-1M Huey helicopter, a children of Vietnam Veterans memorial and all future memorials which may be added to the park. With more than 750,000 people, including Vice Presidents Dan Quayle and Al Gore, having visited Wall South since its dedication, Veterans Memorial Park/Wall South has become a beautiful, yet somber, tourist attraction for the Florida Panhandle. and while the park is technically city property, its maintenance and upkeep are the responsibility of the Wall South Foundation and Vietnam Veterans of Northwest Florida.

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