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Dorchester County Historical Society

Dorchester County Historical Society

Located on the Eastern Shore, the Dorchester County Historical Society is based out of the Meredith House, a Georgian-style home built in approximately 1760.

The Dorchester County Historical Society is a private, nonprofit, organization dedicated to the collection, preservation, maintenance, exhibit, and making available for research of artifacts, documents and other items relating to the history of Dorchester County.

The Dorchester County Historical Society was founded in 1953 to promote an appreciation of Dorchester County history. The Society strives to fulfill this goal by collecting artifacts, operating museums, maintaining an archive, and by advocating the preservation of other historic resources in the County.

Many educational program meetings are held throughout the year at which guests speak on topics related to local and regional history. Society members enjoy special invitations to periodic bus trips and various social events. Many opportunities for community service are made available to members through society projects.

Records are available at the Library in Cambridge.

We hope you enjoy our work.

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