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Luray Caverns

Luray Caverns

Open daily since 1878, these caverns are the largest in all of the eastern United States. The gold colors come from iron and clay soils seeping from the ground and the calcium carbonate "drips."

Some of the most spectacular creations were formed just one drip at at time, such as Giant's Hall, vast expansive chambers decorated by predominately golden columns, which stands 10-stories tall. Luray Caverns is home to several impressive formations, including, Titania's Veil, an all white crystalline drip structure, and the Frozen Fountain, a massive, rounded white flowstone. The impressive Stalacpipe Organ is played from a regular-size organ, but its organ pipes are the stalactites themselves, spreading over 3.5 underground acres, and wired with little rubber mallets. Each tour group is treated to music from the organ.

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