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National Museum Of American Jewish Military History

National Museum Of American Jewish Military History

Chartered by an Act of Congress on September 2, 1958, the National Museum of American Jewish Military History documents and preserves the contributions of Jewish Americans to the peace and freedom of the United States, educates the public concerning the courage, heroism and sacrifices made by Jewish Americans who served in the armed forces, and works to combat anti-Semitism. Meaningful and timely exhibits and educational programs explain the role of American Jews in the armed forces throughout American history and document the numerous other contributions made by Jewish American veterans to America's cultural, social and political history. The Museum, located in Washington, DC, near Dupont Circle, is the national repository for the collection of objects, documents and memorabilia of Jewish American veterans. Two full floors of our building (approximately 6,000 sq.ft) are devoted to exhibitions. Extensive artifacts and archives are stored in climate-controlled storage areas (approximately 5000 collections of personal papers and 10,000 museum objects). The Museum has 2,500 members, its newsletter, Museum News, is sent to 50,000 people, and it serves over 10,000 visitors annually.

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