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Annapolis Maritime Museum

Annapolis Maritime Museum

Located in the old McNasby's Oyster Company building, this museum preserves the maritime history of Annapolis.


The historic McNasby's Oyster Company building has been brought back to life as the “Bay Experience Center.” McNasby’s will provide Annapolis with a state-of-the-art waterfront educational facility, including classrooms, an exhibition gallery, and an assembly hall that can be used for classes, lectures, concerts, and community meetings. The McNasby building boasts the exceptional historical significance as the last remaining oyster-packing plant in our region. Once a huge industry in Annapolis, seafood harvesting and shipping are just about obsolete, yet the images of workboats and the hard-working watermen and shuckers continue to be the basis of our region’s identity. There is no better way to experience this local maritime story than in the last surviving structure of a vanishing regional industry. The first major exhibit, “Oysters on the Half Shell,” will provide that experience in a dramatic and captivating manner, incorporating hands-on, inter-active components.


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