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C.m. Russell Museum

C.m. Russell Museum

The C.M. Russell Museum features five galleries dedicated to the life and art of Charles M. Russell. Contemporary western art also has a home at the Museum, featuring works by artists such as Donna Howell-Sickles, Deborah Butterfield, Russell Chatham, Kevin Red Star, Jay Contway, and Gerald Balciar.

In addition to our inside galleries, the Museum Grounds provide an opportunity to enjoy original art in an outdoor setting. Bronze panels by the late Bob Scriver depicting key episodes of Russell's life, and a clay piece by Judy Erickson frame the south entrance. T.D. Kelsey's half-life-size bronze of two buffalo, entitled Change of Seasons, resides beyond the east entrance. A sculpture of Russell himself, also created by Scriver, can be seen at the front entrance of the Museum. In the north parking lot, steel creations by Lyndon Pomeroy are on display.

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