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Jackson Barracks Military Museum

Jackson Barracks Military Museum

The Museum features historic battalion flags, parade uniforms, honors and decorations dating back to the American Revolution. Realistic tableaus set up throughout the museum give visitors an intimate look at what life was really like for America's soldiers.

In addition, a unique collection of war letters, diaries and personal mementos helps round out the battlefield experience. In addition to the 4,200-square-foot powder magazine and 6,500-square-foot annex, JBMM includes a new, high-tech hexagonal theater, completed in 1991. Capable of seating 183 visitors, the theater presents films, award ceremonies, concerts, and historic society meetings, as well as other official functions. The air park, completed in 1996, displays and pays tribute to America's newest military branch. It features seven aircraft from World War II to Desert Storm. Reconditioning of an A-26 was accomplished by a veterans group who maintained and flew the bomber during World War II.

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