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Montana Museum Of Work History

Montana Museum Of Work History

The displays at the museum include antique firearms, steam and gas engines, automobiles, tools of all descriptions, logging and mining equipment and much more.

Tours are available on request. What better place to enjoy this history than inside a real working establishment. The Axmen is proud to host this collection at 7655 Highway 10 West in Missoula. That is just 1/4 mile south of I-90 from exit #96.

The Montana Museum of Work History was created to preserve and celebrate the stories of the hard working people who made Montana their home. Visitors will be given the opportunity to hear these stories and see the tools and technologies that were a part of the workers daily lives. The tools and technologies were generally bigger, heavier and almost always more dangerous than their modern replacements.

The everyday people of Montana had extraordinary tenacity and courage. The museum is here to celebrate and remember not the famous, not the infamous, but the ordinary Montanan who did extraordinary things.

We hope you enjoy our work.

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