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Stories Published in this Year

Campaign Banners | October 1972 (Volume: 23, Issue: 6)

Their homely symbols tell us more about voter behavior than party platforms do

Lincoln Saves A Reformer | October 1972 (Volume: 23, Issue: 6)

The Navy and contractor Smith accused each other of fraud. The Navy won—until the President took a hand

The Stevens Party | October 1972 (Volume: 23, Issue: 6)

A Picture Portfolio

Common Sense was a bestseller and turned the tide of public feeling toward independence, but for its author fame was followed by ingratitude.

Form the Journal of Comte Jean-Francois-Louis de Clermont-Crèvecoeur

The National Police Gazette | October 1972 (Volume: 23, Issue: 6)

A Little Visit to the Lower Depths via

Our half-known new western empire was mapped, in a great mass exploration, by the Army’s Pacific Railroad Surveys of 1853

The Sunday afternoon broadcasts of Rev. Charles E. Coughlin, once described as the "voice of God," were avidly followed by a radio audience of thirty to fifty million Americans during the Thirties.

Reginald Marsh | October 1972 (Volume: 23, Issue: 6)

A reminiscent tribute to a great American painter, with an evocative selection from thousands of unpublished sketches

When West Met East | August 1972 (Volume: 23, Issue: 5)

A Picture Portfolio

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