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Stories Published in this Year

Important new information on the central figure in the early American republic has surfaced with the publication of new volumes of Jefferson's journals and correspondence.

“No One Returns Alive” | Fall 2017 (Volume: 62, Issue: 5)

Too often overlooked today, the New Guinea campaign was the longest of the Pacific War, with 340,000 Americans fighting more than half a million Japanese.

The Struggles of Edwin Stanton | Fall 2017 (Volume: 62, Issue: 5)

Working closely with President Lincoln, Secretary of War Stanton was indefatigable in laboring to win the Civil War. But his abruptness could sometimes be counterproductive.

Holding Down the Fort | Fall 2017 (Volume: 62, Issue: 5)

Members of the Maryland Forces guard memories of a dramatic history at Fort Frederick, the best preserved fort from the former English colonies in America. 

“We Shall Overcome” | Fall 2017 (Volume: 62, Issue: 5)

The modern version of an African-American spiritual has helped draw together people fighting for a better life

In order to have a well-informed citizenry, it's critical to focus on history and civics education in our schools.

A special issue of American Heritage offers excerpts from seven books nominated for the prestigious George Washington Prize.

Once the most famous Chinese dish in America, chop suey helped spur the growth of Chinese restaurants. A Smithsonian curator is now criss-crossing the country to research its beginnings. 

Foreseeing the Future | Fall 2017 (Volume: 62, Issue: 5)

Sir Arthur Clarke predicted that a revolution in communications would bring electronic mail, telecommuting, the Internet, and inexpensive long distance calls in a seminal but forgotten 1962 essay, published by American Heritage more than half a century ago.

A slideshow of historic posters, political cartoons, and parodies of Lady Liberty

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