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Stories Published in this Year

Here are some amusing -- and some very sad -- images we collected from the archives of American Heritage.

To know what the Framers intended, we need to understand the late-18th century historical context.

One of the best-known advocates for gun rights outlines where he thinks compromise is possible.

The Supreme Court left the door open for reasonable regulations of guns if Congress has the will to act.

Given the recent tragic shootings, historians should play a role in providing dispassionate facts about the history of gun rights and gun control.

After ten years of research into the history of gun rights, it’s clear that most Americans' understanding of the “right to bear arms” is not consistent with historical facts.

Seventy-five years ago, Ernest Hemingway and a historian were among the first Americans to enter Paris as guns were still firing.

American Heritage is launching a major effort to research and promote historic taverns from the Founding era.

The annual Burning Man Festival in Black Rock City, Nevada, is a week-long binge of festive dress, radical inclusion and pyrotechnic display that has become a spiritual phenomenon.

Rush was a visionary writer and reformer, confidant to John Adams, Washington's surgeon general, and opponent of slavery and prejudice - and yet a lesser-known Founding Father. 

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