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Stories Published in this Year

Soldier's Return | February 1969 (Volume: 20, Issue: 2)

Just before Christmas of 1783, General George Washington returned to Mount Vernon and looked forward to spending his remaining years at his favorite occupation, that of a Virginia country gentleman.

Mot Juste, With Blarney | October 1969 (Volume: 20, Issue: 6)

Smoothing the way for Lend-Lease

Big Boom In Boston | October 1969 (Volume: 20, Issue: 6)

“Come immediately … Nothing like it in a lifetime!” an exalted customer telegrapheds wife after hearing the opening number of the National Peace Jubilee in 1869

Down The Colorado | October 1969 (Volume: 20, Issue: 6)

One hundred years ago John Wesley Powell set out to explore the Grand Canyon of the Colorado —something no man had attempted before. His official report of the voyage remains one of the great adventure stories in all the literature of the American West

Magellan’s Voyage | October 1969 (Volume: 20, Issue: 6)

Another eyewitness takes us on another voyage, three and a half centuries earlier—this one around the world

South Street Seaport | October 1969 (Volume: 20, Issue: 6)

Today a living maritime museum is taking shape on New York’s historic waterfront, where a century ago a thousand bowsprits pointed the way to commercial greatness

During World War II, Tunner led the effort to fly supplies from India “over the Hump” of the Himalayas to supply nineteen Chinese divisions, and later commanded the Berlin Airlift operation.


A Prarie Dream Recaptured | October 1969 (Volume: 20, Issue: 6)

The Utopian Swedish colony at Bishop Hill, Illinois, lasted only sixteen years. But in Olof Krans’s strange and evocative paintings it has a kind of immortality

WASHINGTON AFTER THE REVOLUTION: IV As the very first President, Washington had to invent his own job. What about a cabinet? How do you “advise” with tiresome senators? Should you have slaves in the executive mansion? How do you deal with all those uninvited visitors? And with the Vice President—especially when you know that he is terribly jealous?

The End Of The Iroquois | October 1969 (Volume: 20, Issue: 6)

Sullivan’ s meticulously planned expedition of 1779 aimed to cripple once and for all the redskin allies of King George

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