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Stories Published in this Year


American Gothic | October 1971 (Volume: 22, Issue: 6)

The revival in the nineteenth century of medieval motifs in architecture extended from villas and furniture to farmhouses and vineries

Dress Parade | October 1971 (Volume: 22, Issue: 6)


Miss Eleanor Roosevelt | October 1971 (Volume: 22, Issue: 6)

“She is such a funny child, so old-fashioned, that we always call her ‘Granny’ “her mother said. Cousin Franklin felt otherwise

Disaster At Bari | October 1971 (Volume: 22, Issue: 6)

It was the most devastating enemy surprise attack since Pearl Harbor—but what mysterious affliction were people dying of two days later?

The old gray mare was not the ecological marvel, in American cities, that horse lovers like to believe

In the sumptuous history of transatlantic passenger travel it wasn’t all mahogany panelling and ten-course meals. Consider, for instance, war and seasickness

The British commander-in-chief at the beginning of the Revolution was popular and conscientious, but events were beyond his control.

Liberty And Disunion | October 1971 (Volume: 22, Issue: 6)

Three Centuries of Divorce, American Style

Growing Up In Newport | August 1971 (Volume: 22, Issue: 5)

A Brush with the Law & OTHER OFF-SEASON ADVENTURES, or

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