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Stories Published in this Year

Unless the makeshift Yankee admiral with his tiny homemade fleet could hold Lake Champlain, the formidable invasion from Canada might overwhelm the rebel army

The Puritans were far from puritanical about their food. With them, cooking was a high art

The Wealth Of Presidents | October 1966 (Volume: 17, Issue: 6)

At least one President was a multi-millionaire. Another had gone hroke. Several had made fortunes in land speculations or memoir-writing, while one had lost everything in trade. Two were so well-off they refused the salary; another considered resigning because he couldn’t live on it. One thing all have discovered: The American people, who have elected some rich men and some poor men (though no beggars or thieves), are never indifferent to

Alabama’s Lurleen Wallace is not the first wife to stand in for her husband on the political stage. “Farmer Jim” Ferguson ran his Miriam for governor of Texas five times, and twice the voters elected her

Big Bill Taft | October 1966 (Volume: 17, Issue: 6)

The only American ever to be both President and Chief Justice of this country was jolly, energetic, and weighed over three hundred pounds.

Requiem For A Courthouse | October 1966 (Volume: 17, Issue: 6)

The bleak future of Hudson County’s lovely old seat of government illustrates the threat to our heritage of beauty from a generation that neither builds nor remembers well

“There I Grew Up” | October 1966 (Volume: 17, Issue: 6)

So Abraham Lincoln summed up his boyhood in Indiana. Posterity has made of it a romantic legend, spent in a dark, smoky, crowded, deep in the wilderness

Identifications for the drawing on pages 6-7

Your Ball, Sam | October 1966 (Volume: 17, Issue: 6)

A few kind words from down under

Jewish immigrants to America crowded into a tight ethnic huddle on New York’s Lower Rast Side. Yet for most of them it was still a land of promise

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