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Stories Published in this Year

Polk's Peace | Winter 2010 (Volume: 59, Issue: 4)

By war-making and shrewd negotiating, the 11th president expanded U.S. territory by a third.

A longtime contributor and former editor introduces the special anniversary issue

When the Palmetto State threatened to nullify federal statutes at will, President Jackson met it with tough rhetoric and threat of force -- and postponed the Civil War for three decades.

The Black Times of ‘76 | Winter 2010 (Volume: 59, Issue: 4)

In the teeth of near defeat, Gen. George Washington pulled out miraculous mid-winter victories

AC/DC | Winter 2010 (Volume: 59, Issue: 4)

Inventor Nikola Tesla turned to an old trick to sell the brilliant concept of alternating current, which would enable the electrical power grid and the modern machines that run off it

Ike’s Decision | Winter 2010 (Volume: 59, Issue: 4)

Eisenhower's call to proceed with D-Day was anything but inevitable

A Graceful Exit | Winter 2010 (Volume: 59, Issue: 4)

In one momentous decision, Robert E. Lee spared the United States years of divisive violence

Lincoln’s bid for reelection in 1864 faced serious challenges from a popular opponent and a nation weary of war

Iron Wills, Iron Ships | Winter 2010 (Volume: 59, Issue: 4)

Although a draw, the fight between the Monitor and Virginia decisively ushered in the modern era

Pontiac’s War | Winter 2010 (Volume: 59, Issue: 4)

A Great Lakes Indian rebellion against the British changed the balance forever between Indian and colonist

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