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Stories Published in this Year

Triumph and Tragedy | December 1989 (Volume: 40, Issue: 8)

An American soldier would never forget encountering the German with an icy smile. He would later discover that the blood of innocent millions dripped from Eichman's manicured hands

The Wrongdoers | December 1989 (Volume: 40, Issue: 8)

Corruption must be fought in ways that preserve fairness and freedom. Otherwise the reformers can be as bad as the rascals.

Amelia Earhart | December 1989 (Volume: 40, Issue: 8)

A Biography

Packard | December 1989 (Volume: 40, Issue: 8)

The Pride

In 1820 their daily existence was practically medieval; thirty years later many of them were living the modern life

A restaurant critic who’s a food historian and the fortunate recipient of an Italian grandmother’s cooking follows the course of America’s favorite ethnic fare in its rise from spaghetti and a red checked tablecloth to carpaccio and fine bone china

For a hundred years now Americans have been reading as comedy Mark Twain’s dark indictment of chivalry, technology—and all mankind

The Wimp Factor | November 1989 (Volume: 40, Issue: 7)

A year ago we were in the midst of a presidential campaign most memorable for charges by both sides that the opponent was not hard enough, tough enough, masculine enough. That he was, in fact, a sissy. Both sides also admitted this sort of rhetoric was deplorable. But it’s been going on since the beginning of the Republic.

The bombs that fell that Sunday didn’t just knock out some battleships; they roused America into a new age. Here is how the long, unforgettable day unfolded.

No Thanks for Thanksgiving | November 1989 (Volume: 40, Issue: 7)

When President Washington proclaimed the first Thanksgiving, the anti-Federalists complained it usurped States’ Rights

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