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2020 Articles by Issue

May 2024
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In 2020 we published nearly 100 articles in nine issues, the most we have ever published in a year. Here are the articles sorted by issue:

Title Author

Winter 2020-What Makes America Great

A Fateful Experiment at Jamestown Horn, Jim
Jefferson and the Declaration Onuf, Peter
Bill of Rights: Heart of the Constitution Magliocca, Gerard
Freedom of Religion: America's Greatest Invention Waldman, Steven
America’s Constitution Inspired the World Howard, A.E. Dick
George Washington Invents the Presidency Ellis, Joseph
Madison and the Invention of Congress Bordewich, Fergus
The American Presidency Beschloss, Michael
John Marshall Saves the Republic Unger, Harlow
Andrew Jackson Reinvents American Democracy Reynolds, David
Struggle for the Alamo Donovan, James
Voyages of Mercy Puleo, Stephen
The Frémonts Open the West Inskeep, Steve
Harriet Beecher Stowe and Uncle Tom's Cabin Reynolds, David
Teddy Roosevelt and the Strenous Life Swanson, Ryan
Rosenwald Funds 5,000 African-American Schools Palatnik, Matthew
FDR's New Deal Brinkley, Doug
LaFollette and the Progressive Movement Weisberger, Bernard
The Woman Who Said No to McCarthy Watson, Bruce
Rachel Carson and Silent Spring Lear, Linda
Thurgood Marshall, American Revolutionary Williams, Juan
Legacy of the Warren Court Stone, Geoffrey and David Strauss
Reagan Outfoxes the Soviet Union Schweizer, Peter
Ride Sally Ride Swaby, Rachel
Venture Capital Builds the Modern World Nicholas, Tom

Spring 2020-America in Crisis

1877 Railroad Riots Dickson, Paul
American Civilians Defend Against U-Boats Gay, Timothy
Congress Fights the Civil War Bordewich, Fergus
How We Survived Black Monday Greenspan, Alan
Lincoln's First Month McPherson, James
Spanish Flu Epidemic of 1918 Barry, John
Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1793 Fried, Stephen

June 2020 - America 50 Years Ago 

May Day 1970 Gates, Henry Louis
Reassessing Spiro Agnew Holden, et al
Revolt of the Women at TIME Crittenden, Ann
Lafayette Square: Seven Acres of History Klein, Gil
10 Bases Named for Confederates Brush, Chase
Traitors in Congress: Definitive List of Confederates Artworks Grosvenor, Edwin
Juneteenth! Watson, Bruce
Editorial: Vandalism in Lafayette Square Grosvenor, Edwin

July/August 2020

When the Bonus Army Marched on DC Dickson, Paul
Bred to Power: The Dulles Brothers Stewart, David
Inside Joe McCarthy's Secret Files Tye, Larry
Librarians at War Peiss, Kathy
Ike's Excellent Adventure Watson, Bruce
Boston's Freedom Trail Glass, Brent
In Memoriam: Sergei Khrushchev and the Soviet Union Chase Brush
In Search of Real Barbecue Lovegren, Sylvia
Another Kennedy Family Tragedy Stiehm, Jamie
FDR’s Favorite Dish: “Country Captain” Grosvenor, Edwin

September 2020

Hurricanes That Saved America Dolin, Eric Jay
British Ships Lost in 1780 Grosvenor, Edwin
Fighting for the Wrongly Convicted Grisham, John
Marshall's Secret Plan for War Dickson, Paul
Pandemics Change History Stewart, David
Mary Trump: The Bonnie Lass Burleigh, Nina
Ida B. Wells Marches Ware, Susan
FDR Takes on "Fake News" Bates, Stephen
We've Got Mail! Watson, Bruce
The Spirit of Chautauqua Watson, Bruce

October 2020

Mayflower's Place in History Philbrick, Nathaniel
Mayflower II Returns Home Brush, Chase
Abe & Presidential Greatness Reynolds, David
Eisenhower Balances the Court Eisenhower, Susan
The Girl from Butcher Holler Snaith, Holley
Heartbreak at Heart Mountain Brokaw, Tom
Secret Coup in the White House Locker, Ray
Spying on West Virginia Horwitz, Tony
Remembering RBG Levick, Richard
Prince Hall Masonry Seymour, Ann
Vampires in America? Grosvenor, Edwin

November 2020

How We Found the Lost Colony Dawson, Scott
Marquette and Joliett's Excellent Adventure Walczynski, Mark
The Enigma of Jimmy Carter Alter, Jonathan
The Great Chicago Fire Smith, Carl
This Is London-Ed Murrow Broadcasts During the Bombing Edwards, Bob
Laura Wilder: Pioneer Girl Miller, John E.
The ”Holy Grail” of Broadcast Journalism Klein, Gil
Upon Starved Rock Walczynski, Mark
Thanksgiving Dinner During the Revolution Editors 

Fall 2020 George Washington Prize Books

The British Are Coming Atkinson, Rick
A Crisis of Peace: Washington and the Newburgh Conspiracy Head, David
Heirs of an Honored Name: Decline of the Adams Family Egerton, Douglas
Property of the Nation: Mount Vernon Costello, Matthew R.
Stolen: Five Free Boys Stolen into Slavery Bell, Richard
The Widow Washington: The Life of Mary Washington Saxton, Martha
World of Trouble: A Philadelphia Quaker Family’s Journey Godbeer, Richard

Winter 2021

Tecumseh and the Prophet at Tippecanoe Cozzens, Peter
Two Hours in Hell at Pearl Harbor Offley, Ed
Humboldt in America Harvey, Eleanor Jones
Stolen Presidential Election (1876) Morris Jr., Roy
Dred Scott-Supreme Court's Worst Decision Brands, H.W.
Pandemics in America Grosvenor, Edwin
Pandemic Advice from 1918 Grosvenor, Edwin
Biden Predicts 9-11 on 9-10 Klein, Gil


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