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Aycock Birthplace

Aycock Birthplace

Found off the beaten path, two miles south of Fremont, the historic site features a mid-19th-century farmstead, including a house, kitchen, and outbuildings. The house is furnished with pieces from the period. A corn barn and stables recall the days when men worked the land. Sheep and fowl, a field crop, and a three-season kitchen garden bring the farm to life. A one-room schoolhouse (1893) moved to the site represents the grassroots educational revival that became statewide after Governor Aycock's election in 1900. An accessible visitor center features exhibits and an audiovisual program.

Visitors are invited to watch wool spun into yarn, smell aromas from open-hearth cooking, or feel wool from freshly shorn sheep by attending the site's living history programs that are scheduled throughout the year. Scheduled groups get a genuine hands-on experience on making butter or dipping candles for a small fee.

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