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Historic Columbia Foundation

Historic Columbia Foundation

Historic Columbia Foundation serves as the steward of seven historic sites within the city center, including over 14 acres of landscapes featuring gardens that range from an expansive park-like setting with an elaborate formal garden to a traditional 19th-century African-American swept yard.

Follow the people, places, and progress of Columbians over three centuries within five downtown historic sites. Hear the stories of nationally and regionally important people whose lives during the earliest days of settlement to the modern Civil Rights era marked their special places in history. Learn how the city's diverse past is likely to influence its future.

Historic Columbia Foundation maintains a permanent collection of over 6500 historic artifacts. The collections span the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries and form the basis of interpretation at our historic houses. Objects vary in composition, size, and value with major categories in the permanent collection including textiles, decorative arts, fine arts, tools, and historic images. 


Historic Columbia properties with separate collections include:


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