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Louisiana State Cotton Museum

Louisiana State Cotton Museum

At this museum, there are currently four exhibits on display: The History of Cotton, The Impact of Cotton on Westward Expansion, and The Impact of Cotton on Society and Culture and The Impact of Cotton on the Economy. The last exhibit is subdivided into Technological Advances, The New Orleans Cotton Exchange and The Uses of Cotton.

The History of Cotton exhibit begins with an overview of the origins of cotton and its eventual cultivation throughout the world. It concentrates on the period from 1820 to the 1930's, in which cotton became the United States' preeminent crop, directly affecting many facets of everyday life. The Impact of Cotton on Westward Expansion display explains the advance of the cultivation of cotton from the Eastern seaboard westward which was greatly facilitated by the invention and widespread use of steamboats and railroads. Cotton also helped establish New Orleans as a major port. The Impact of Cotton on Society and Culture interprets the influence of cotton on the development of class and culture. Cotton played a dominant role in the Southerner's life; it shaped social classes and artistic creations such as literature, paintings and songs. The Technological Advances exhibit chronicles the history of the New Orleans Cotton Exchange with photographs and statistics, as well as the processing of cotton and the final products obtained.

The museum also features rotating displays within the museum and outdoor exhibits.

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