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New York State Museum

New York State Museum

The NYS museum offers approximately 12 new exhibitions each year on a wide range of subjects. Exhibitions are often developed with the museum's extensive collections or traveled from renowned museums across the country. Research at the New York State Museum is as exciting as it is varied, with more than 35 scientists and historians actively directing projects in biology, anthropology, geology, and history. Research by staff represents one tangible way in which information about the natural and cultural history of New York, and the world, is made available to visitors. Researchers throughout the world use the collections of the New York state museum to address questions about New York's natural and human heritage.

The collections represent baseline data that help resource managers make decisions that have a direct impact on the economic and public well-being of the state, locations of natural resources, assessments of environmental impacts, historic preservation, development and impacts of disease, and environmental changes. Additionally, the collections are an integral element of the Museum's exhibitions and public programs.

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