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Red Baron Museum

Red Baron Museum

The Stearman biplane has a rich history. In the 1920s, the planes were used primarily to transport mail. When World War II began, the Stearman took on a new role as a training plane for fighter pilots. More pilots were trained in the Stearman than in any other plane in the history of the world. The Red Baron® Pizza Squadron used these versatile Stearman planes to introduce Red Baron® Premium Pizza. The Squadron was originally intended to be a six-month venture, but the planes’ success as a marketing tool kept the fleet running for nearly three decades.

The museum opened in 2004 to celebrate the Red Baron® brand and the 25th anniversary of the Red Baron® Pizza Squadron, an aerobatic team of WWII-era biplanes used to market Red Baron® products. The museum was added to the Red Baron® Pizza Squadron hangar at the airport in Marshall, Minnesota. 

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