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Rosa Parks Museum & Children's Wing

Rosa Parks Museum & Children's Wing

History comes alive through the Museum's exhibits on the story of Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

The purpose of the Rosa Parks Museum is to uphold and interpret for the public benefit, education and enjoyment, materials related to the events and accomplishments of individuals associated with Montgomery Bus Boycott. The Museum includes a permanent exhibit, a time machine, temporary exhibit space, archives, classrooms, an auditorium and conference room.


In the Rosa Parks Museum & Children’s Wing, visitors learn of the unique legacy of Rosa Parks—that unassuming individuals can be a catalyst for change.  They learn of this phenomenon in the lives of other civil rights activists, such as E.D. Nixon and Claudette Colvin and of the accomplishments they and other activists achieved in the Montgomery Bus Boycott.  The Museum displays a replica of the bus Rosa Parks rode and historical documents relating to the event.

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